Welcome to the Hand to Elbow Clinic

The Hand to Elbow Clinic is a service dedicated to helping patients and people helping to care for them. We specialise in the care of patients with elbow, wrist and hand problems and patients suffering from nerve injuries. Between us our specialists have over 35 years of medical experience and 25 years of treating problems of the elbow, wrist and hand. The philosophies by which we practice are described on the Philosophies page. The services we provide are given in detail on the Services pages.

This website is designed to help patients as well as doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and other medical staff,  medical managers, administrators and medico-legal lawyers. There is an extensive series of information sheets about many conditions we treat detailing the problems patients suffer and the treatment options. We have written an extensively illustrated textbook on the treatment of wrist and hand fractures which is also available on the Education pages. We have also designed a novel interactive service to help patients home in on their problems.

We welcome feedback from anyone using the service on info@handtoelbow.com or in writing to The Hand to Elbow Clinic, 29A James Street West, Bath, BA1 2BT.

You can also contact us using the form below.