We are committed to treating patients first and elbow wrist and hand problems second. This means that everyone who sees us is treated as an individual whatever their condition. We aim to assess patients first on traditional clinical lines listening to their story which usually leads to the diagnosis. This is supplemented with a examination of the relevant parts of the body. We try to ensure that all investigations are only undertaken when strictly necessary. Most of our treatment is undertaken without the need for surgery. We have a particularly high rate of successful treatment of many clinical problems without needing to operate. If surgery is necessary we try to perform as much surgery as possible through minimal incisions and have pioneered 6 different techniques to do this. In the treatment of elbow, wrist and hand problems aftercare, typically with physiotherapy and careful specialist follow-up, is essential.

Despite our proven experience we are always willing to seek help from other specialists as appropriate.

Our philosophies are reflected in our information sheets and in our fracture handbook.