Ulna shortening


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Radial shortening due abnormal bone growth following a fracture (break) in childhood. Now the ulna bone is too long giving wrist pain and stiffness

The ulna bone has been exposed and a specific cutting jig in place and cuts being made with a saw

The ulna bone has been cut obliquely to leave the largest surface area of bone for healing

A metal (stainless teel) plate (bar with holes in) has been applied to the bone with the ends held togethor (temporarily) with bone clamps

The plate has been held with 3 screws with the bone ends well held togethor (reduced). In total 5 screws will be used

X-rays in the operating theatre showing the joint levelled

X-rays in the operating theatre showing the bone well reduced with the 5 screws well placed. Note 4 screws are at right angles to the plate and one is oblique





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