You have broken one (or more) of the bones in your hand.  This will take about 6 weeks to heal so it is important you do not do heavy activities during this time.  You must also not go back to contact sports for at least 2 months.

 After breaking the bone(s) of your hand, it is very important to keep your fingers moving to prevent them from getting stiff.  Your injured finger may be initially strapped to the finger next to it for protection, but you can exercise both fingers together. 

 You may be given a splint to wear.  Please wear this as your Physiotherapist has told you to.


There are certain problems that can occur after breaking a finger(s).


It is very important you keep your hand elevated (i.e., hand higher than your heart) for at least the first two weeks to prevent swelling of your hand.  Do treat this seriously as it can make a very big difference to your overall recovery.


To prevent your fingers/hand from becoming too stiff it is important to move your fingers.  Do the exercises given to by your Physiotherapist.  It may be uncomfortable at first but it is important that you regain the movement quickly.

Be sure to contact your Physiotherapist as soon as possible if there is anything you are concerned about.


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