You have had an operation to help straighten your fingers/s.  Your plaster will have been removed and it is now important that you start exercising your fingers again.

 A splint will have been made for you to wear at night for the next 6 months.  This is to stop your fingers from bending down overnight.

 Keep your hand up as much as possible to help stop your hand swelling.

Exercises:    Do these every hour

 To warm your hand up, make a full fist and then straighten your fingers 20 times.

 If your wound has healed, spend 10 minutes massaging your scar with some hand cream (your Physio will show you how)

 Stretch your fingers backwards as far as they will go.  Then using your other hand stretch them a little further (this may be uncomfortable, but should not hurt too much).  Hold this for 3 minutes. Repeat.

 Bend and straighten your fingers again 20 times to loosen them up.

 Make a fist with your hand.  Now using your other hand take your fingers down a little further (again this may be a little uncomfortable, but this should ease within 1 minute).  Hold this position for 3 minutes.  Repeat.


 Do your exercises regularly
 Keep your hand up for the first few weeks as much as possible
 Continue to wear you splint at night for 6 months
 Contact your Physiotherapist if you are concerned about your hand


 Do not force your fingers too far.  This will just aggravate your fingers and make them swollen


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