Mucous cyst excision


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Prominent mucous cyst shown over the back of the thumb IP joint. This was a nuisance rather than painful

Planned incision dotted in over the cyst. the incision is oblique to help access to the joint and give a good cospmetic scar

A tourniquet is applied to the base of the thumb to prevent bleeding during the operation. The allows fo careful dissection and safety

The skin has been cut. The cyst has been ebtered and the clear jelly-like fluid is leaking out. This  is performed under local anaesthetic i.e. the patient is awake

The lining of the cyst is carefully dissected out

The lining of the cyst has been removed as shown and measured

The cyst is tracked down to its origin from the DIP joint. The joint is decompressed

Bone prominences (osteophytes) around that side of the joint are removed. This and joint decompression helps reduce the risk of recurrence of the cyst

The skin is closed with an absorbable stitch. This is more convenient for the patient and gives a good cosmetic result

The thumb is dressed with a supportive bandage. This is not very restrictive and is removed after about 5 days


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