K wiring a finger


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X-rays show a comminuted (multifragmented) fracture (break) of the left ring finger proximal phalanx.

In the operating theatre the finger is pulled out to reduce (line up) the fracture fragments.

The reduction of the fracture is confirmed on x-rays in the operating theatre

The position for the first wire is planned by lying a wire on the skin and taking another x-ray.

The line for the first wire is marked on the skin

The first 1.1mm wire is inserted into one fracture fragment with a power drill

The position of the first wire is confirmed on x-rays

The wire is advanced into second fracture fragment and confirmed on x-ray

The first wire is bent over for ease of access.

The second wire is advanced across the fracture, monitored carefully with x-rays 

As the patient is awake under local anaethetic they can move their fingers showing normal rotation and tendon glide

The third wire is advanced across the fracture. Note the wires are nicely parallel and the fracture

The wires are bent over.. They are removed in 4-5 weeks. The hand  is dressed and a plaster applied




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