Forearm cut explored and tendon repaired


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The patient suffered a cut to the front of the froearm. The wound has been dressed in A & E

The posture of the hand shows that the index finger and thumb are lying too straight due to division (cut) of their bending tendons

Pressing on the forearm beyond the cut shows bending of the thumb indicating the tendon is intact beyond the cut

The wound is shown in the distal (far) half of the forearm

The wound is given an initial cleaning with a brush and sponge before disinfection once the patient is asleep

The necessary skin incisions to explore the deep injuries are marked

Exrensive muscle and tendon cuts are shown

Fortunately the median nerve (one of the main nerves to the hand) is shown intact (uninjured)

The tendons and muscles have been repaired. The skin will be closed, the wounds dressed and a programme of rehabilitation begun soon after



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