Bone prominence excised from distal phalanx


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Bone prominence (ecchondroma) causing discomfort and getting in the way at the end of the right middle finger distal phalanx

Bone overgrowth from the side of the distal phalanx is shown at the top of the x-ray

The skin incision is dotted in along the lines of the skin crease to minimise scarring

The skin has been raised and the bone growth shown. This  is performed under local anaesthetic i.e. the patient is awake

The nerves and blood vessels have been carefully removed away from the growth. The bone is cut with an osteotome

The bone prominence is shown and measured before being sent to the laboratory for analysis

The skin has been closed with an absorbable stitch which is easier for patients and gives a good scar

The wound is covered with an adhesive dressing


The finger is dressed with a supportive dressing for comfort. This is removed after about 5 days


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