Belski wiring


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Swollen deformed hand following a fracture of the middle finger (MF) following a fall

The x-rays show a tilted, unstable fracture near the base of the middle finger (MF). This could not be held well enough in plaster so it was wire

A 1.1 mm K wire is passed through the skin and into the head of the middle finger metacarpal with a power drill

X-rays in the operating theatre show the wire in the head of the metacarpal on the frontal and side views

The wire is advanced into the proximal (near) fracture fragment with the finger bent down about 90 degrees

Now the wire is advanced into the further fracture fragment, but NOT into the PIP joint. This is checked with x-rays in the operating theatre

The wire stands proud before being bent over and cut short

As the operation was performed under local anaesthetic the patient can bend their fingers to confirm correct alignment and free tendon movement




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