About Us

The Hand to Elbow Clinic was established by eminent consultant surgeon Grey Giddins in 2008 to provide a ‘one stop shop' for diagnosing and treating problems affecting the upper limb.

To make an appointment for an initial consultation, please call 01225 316895 or email info@handtoelbow.com.

Our team of top specialists offers a bespoke approach according to the needs of each individual patient. Whether you are looking for diagnosis and advice, treatment of a particular problem, rehabilitation after injury or surgery - or even a second opinion of your existing treatment - we have the right people available all under one roof. And you control exactly which of our services you wish to use.

We advocate non-intervention wherever possible for all our patients. Surgery is considered only as a last resort. However, on the occasions when it is necessary, we can provide today's most advanced procedures at your hospital of choice.


The Hand to Elbow Clinic
29a James Street West
Bath BA1 2BT

Tel 01225 316895
Fax 01225 484949
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